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At Manaram Technology, we are all about innovation. As part of our innovative services, we also offer custom business solution to corporations around the world seeking customized web application. While one might settle for off-the-shelf software systems, they only fulfill your business requirements partially, putting constraints on your operations.

Your software should accommodate to your business’s operations and not the other way around. Create a limitless environment for your business to operate in with our custom web application services. Get software custom designed for your business and save maximum cost that would have occurred on modifications instead.

Whatever the nature of your business, our talented in-house team can handle it.

Why Go Custom?

  • You Are The Boss
  • Complete control on how you want the web applications to work.

  • Everything Is Assessable
  • Productize services with spot-on precision supported through custom software.

  • Cut Costs
  • Save major bucks that would have been spent on modification of off-the-shelf software

  • Expand Your Sphere of Business
  • Carry out business as you want; not with restrictions placed by incompetent off-the-shelf software.

  • Additional Branding
  • You decide the exact look, feel and vibes of the web application.

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Save time, money and effort on activities by integrating processes within the web application.

Let's get together come up with some ideas and douse them in brilliance.


Baluwatar, Kathmandu