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Our vision is to be branded as the world's leading digitally innovative company by focusing on technologies and projects that are truly meaningful and important

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We believe in collaborating with people who share our passion and energy which help us innovate in a way that others cannot. We provide our team with an environment where they are able use their capabilities to their full extent and express themselves much adequately. This has helped us come up with unique and creative solutions to some of the most challenging problems that we tackle.

At Manaram Technology, we believe in excellence. And quite frankly, we do not settle for anything less. Each of our team members are embedded with those qualities such that, the results are reflected in every project that we undertake. This helps us create brands and products that appeal to the mass and help our clients to grow their business even more.

Meet the team

Our Team

Responsible, dedicated and cool dudes!

Rojan Shrestha

General Manager

Alina Bhari

Team Leader

Yajal Shrestha

Senior Designer

Sumnima Tandukar


Rashmi Manandhar


Aayesha Gurung

Content Strategist / SEO Specialist

Pratima Shrestha

QA Specialist

Gopal Nepal

Web Designer

Let's get together come up with some ideas and douse them in brilliance.



Baluwatar, Kathmandu